Services: Aloha Car Care, Mobile Auto Detailing in Markham, Richmond Hill, Unionville and Toronto Since 2003
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Residential Service in Markham, Ontario

Aloha offers a variety of detailing packages to fit
your needs and budget. Our two most popular packages are listed below, but customized
packages are also available.

Pricing Structure

Small: Cars

Small SUV/Pickup

Large: Minivans, SUVs (7+ seats)

Standard Packages
Name: Description: Price:
Diamondhead The "full package." Complete interior and exterior detailing. Floor shampoo, seat shampoo, leather conditioning, paint decontamination & wax.

S: $160
M: $180
L: $220

Hawaiian Insider
Complete interior detailing.
S: $120

L: $160


Please direct all enquiries to 647-388-4186