About Aloha Car Care, Mobile Auto Detailing in Markham, Richmond Hill, Unionville and Toronto Since 2003
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Aloha Car Care: Question & Answers

Q: What is Auto Detailing?
A: The common misconception is that auto detailing involves modifying cars, airbrush painting or decals etc. In fact, you can think of it as an industry term for "vehicle makeover," including carpet and upholstery shampooing, stain removal, waxing and buffing.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Based in Markham, Ontario, Aloha is a mobile operation, which means we are located wherever your car happens to be! We can do business in driveways, parking lots, warehouses, or anywhere else with access to water and power.

Q: What is required for service, other than my car?
A: We need a 3 pronged power outlet and a hose connection for most packages. For the Hawaiian Insider package and some custom packages, the hose connection is optional.

Q: What makes Aloha any different from the rest?
A: The mobile advantage is really what sets us apart. The convenience of mobile service eliminates a time-consuming chore and frees up time to spend on the more important things in life.

Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare my car?
A: Not neccessarily. However, removing child seats, children's toys and loose garbage will make sure more of Aloha's time is spent on the 'tough stuff.' If you would like the inside of the glove compartment - or other compartments - cleaned, please let us know, otherwise we will leave their contents in tact.

Q: How far will you travel to clean a car?
A: Our service area map gives the general boundaries, but for large orders (multiple vehicles) we are more than willing to make exceptions.

Q: What are the trade secrets of auto detailing?
A: I'm glad you asked, because if you're one of those meticulous people that loves cleaning your car, then Aloha wants YOU! Aloha is hiring for the summer - if you'd like a job, click here!

Q: Really, what I can do to keep my carpets in shape?
A: There are many precautionary measures that you can take to protect your upholstry from unnecessary wear and tear. Using winter floor mats, putting plastic under baby seats, and limiting food consumption in your vehicle will all reduce the chance of spills and accidents staining your carpet. Aloha also offers 'Scotch Guard' fabric protectant, because without fail, the kids will find a way to get it messy!

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